We love #DowntownWinchesterKY

It’s time to share all the things we love about our town. Winchester has been named one of the Top 20 Towns in the running for Season 4 of “Main Street!” Now, let’s show the Small Business Revolution team what makes our community special.

Our downtown is booming. Back in 2015, volunteers from Winchester and Clark County created their own Better Block project. Since then, we’ve seen more than $10-million in investment downtown. Check out this video to see how a group of community members decided to show the potential of North Main Street.

For this and the so many other reasons we love Winchester, we encourage you to help the town make it to the top of the list. Like the Small Business Revolution’s Facebook page, and post a photo to their timeline with a message about why you love #DowntownWinchesterKY and be sure to also use the hashtag #MyWinchester.