The Foundation will provide aspirational leadership to the Greater Clark County community by:

  • Inspiring a vision for our future — The Foundation will stimulate a community identity that is forward-leaning, self-sustaining, engaged and resilient.
  • Creating the conditions for long-term change — By working “upstream” on the root causes of social problems, the Foundation will guide the community toward long-term community problem-solving. It will also seek to enhance four conditions that are required for change: capacity, collaboration, communication, and cohesion.

The Greater Clark Foundation is one of only two foundations in the Commonwealth that focus on health, and it is one of a handful of health legacy foundations in the country that utilize a grant-making strategy focused solely on the social determinants of health – “upstream” factors that are the greatest predictors of health status – notably, education, poverty and civic engagement.

Our funding strategy is designed to build resilience among both community residents and institutions. For individuals, resilience is favorably correlated with education and health outcomes.  At an institutional or community level, resilience is favorably correlated with economic development, civic engagement and community problem solving.

Thus, the Foundation invests its resources where it can have a fundamental impact on:

  • Civic and economic vitality;
  • Educational attainment; and
  • Health, well-being, and quality of life.

These three areas are deeply interrelated; progress in one will contribute to progress in the others. Within those areas of focus, we do not limit ourselves to a traditional foundation role.