Community Investment

The Greater Clark Foundation focuses its investments on the social determinants of health, particularly civic and economic vitality; educational attainment; and health, well-being and quality of life. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals; rather, we issue specific solicitations for proposals and ideas throughout each year.  GCF does not award grants to or for individuals, indigent care, programs or services generally considered to be the role of government, projects of organizations that primarily benefit their own members, or for legislative lobbying or other political purposes.

The Greater Clark Foundation is intended to exist in perpetuity. We intend to spend 3-5% of the total asset value from year to year. The Foundation carefully invests its endowment following principles of good governance and sound management. Our investment objective is to protect the purchasing power of the endowment in perpetuity, and the investment portfolio is a collection of diversified assets designed to deliver relatively stable returns in a variety of market environments. Our investment team strives to balance the competing goals of generating a long-term return in excess of spending and inflation while providing a predictable, stable source of funds for current programs. Success in this approach will enable us to address the challenges of today and those of future generations.

In a given year, GCF will invest in a small number of key projects. Some projects are directed and operated by GCF itself. Others may be via grants to partner organizations. These community investments allow GCF to play the important role of catalyst, crusader and promoter to ensure that ours is a vital and resilient community. Examples of some current and/or recently funded projects:

  • What’s Your Ambition?! Mini-Grants — small grant initiatives and community campaigns. These grants are up to $10,000 for unique projects that benefit the community and can be completed within 90 days.
  • Legacy Grove Park- An imaginative and ambitious community undertaking to turn the 30 acres on which the hospital was formerly located into an imaginative public space that will establish a legacy of well-being in the Greater Clark County area.
  • AmbitionFest!– A community event to inspire the people of the Greater Clark County region. The event challenges attendees to think about ambitions for themselves, their families and their community, and how to make those ambitions a reality.
  • Capacity Building – A technical assistance series to boost the efficacy of charitable organizations in the Greater Clark County region.

Future investments in the community, whether large or small, will follow the guidelines above as we continue our work to address the social determinants of health in our community.

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