Project 1107

Clark County will become home to the most ambitious and imaginative public green space in the region. The space is intended to draw visitors from throughout the state and the region while creating a legacy of well-being in the community. Project 1107 will transform nearly 30 acres of land that formerly was the site of Winchester’s Clark Regional Medical Center.

“This project will be the most important and impactful contribution we, as a community, can make to Winchester and the Greater Clark County area in our lifetime,” said Paul Embs, Chair, GCF Board of Directors.

The Greater Clark Foundation will fund up to $3.5 million to begin construction of the space. The area will be a place for civic engagement, community festivities, group activities and individual reflection, said Jen Algire, president and CEO of GCF.



Other elements of the design include:

  • event spaces defined by native plants and overhead shade structures, perfect for weddings, a “Picnic with the Pops,” fundraisers and other such events;
  • earthen features that pay tribute to a former Native American settlement of  Eskippakithiki;
  • meandering trails designed for athletic and casual use, including an ADA-accessible loop that circles the space, while paths through natural areas to allow for variety in distance, challenge level and scenery;
  • adventure areas for children meant to inspire mental and physical abilities, and encourage outdoor activities that develop healthy families and communities; and,
  • large lawn areas, including one approximately the size of a football field, for family games, kite flying, picnics and other individual or group activities.

“Everyone in the community will be talking about this inspiring space that will be both beautiful and functional, and that will draw visitors from around the region,” said Beth Jones, GCF program officer.

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