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The Greater Clark Foundation makes targeted, yet diverse, investments in our community. Some of these grants are substantial, but just as many are made from the What’s Your Ambition?! program, which encourages individuals to make their dreams of community change a reality. Large organizational investments paired with these smaller grants create a culture of ″bright spots″ where those within the community as well as those visiting and researching for possible relocation can ″see the possible.″

GCF is committed to fostering collaboration, establishing partnerships and working across borders and with many types of organizations to rethink tomorrow and create solutions, positioning the Greater Clark Region as a place of opportunities. GCF encourages and supports new approaches, and believes that the initiative and courage to view things from fresh and different perspectives empower our community.

What’s Your Ambition?! (WYA) grants will engage more people and organizations in the evolution of the Greater Clark  Region. The goal is for more residents to be involved in making this a community of bright spots and success stories. This effort is an opportunity to expand the conversation and action around neighborhood and community issues. WYA will be a catalyst for community leaders and citizens who are passionate about improving our quality of life. WYA will encourage people to take action for positive change. For things to change, somebody somewhere has to start acting differently. Is that you? WHAT’S YOUR AMBITION?! For your peers? Your neighborhood? Your community?

The following objectives will guide this initiative:

  • Create small grant initiatives/community campaigns that engage the passion of individuals, religious entities, nonprofits, and  local governments.
  • Demonstrate the possible through transformative actions by dedicated leaders partnering with organizations to make a difference in neighborhoods and communities in the Foundation’s service region;
  • Provide grant funding up to $10,000 per project to stimulate a community identity that is forward-leaning, self-sustaining, engaged and resilient;
  • Produce results that will positively impact a portion of the region′s citizens, going beyond the constituents of the lead organization;
  • Documented results and completed individual projects/grants within 90 or fewer days; and
  • Report to GCF, and, when requested, assist GCF in publicizing, how grant funds were used and what the project accomplished for the public.

Criteria for Applying for a WYA  Grant
WYA grant applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Grant recipients must be a recognized nonprofit, religious institution or local governmental entity. The recipient can be a ″fiscal agent″ for others, as long as the purpose is charitable. Funds from The Greater Clark Foundation may not be used to promote religious speech of any kind.
  • A passionate project leader is crucial for this request. The application must clearly define how the project will benefit the community, what those benefits will be, and why they are needed.
  • Benefits must be concrete and tangible to people living, working or visiting in this region.
  • The impact of the project must extend beyond the sponsoring organization and its constituents.
  • The project must relate to at least one of GCF′s focus areas:
    • civic and economic vitality;
    • educational attainment;
    • health, well-being and quality of life.
  • Funds are to be used for charitable purposes and must benefit communities or neighborhoods.
  • Funds provided by GCF must be used within in 90 days. The recipient must report to GCF on how the funds were used and the results of the effort.
  • If requested, the grant recipient will assist GCF with publicizing results of each project within 30 days after grant completion;
  • Organizations can apply for more than one What’s Your Ambition?! grant per year; however, each project must be distinct.

Application process
The application process is simple and quick — submit up to three pages in a letter explaining what the applicant wants to see happen and why it is important. The applicant must be clear about the demonstrated community benefits and results, the requested amount, a project budget, the time frame and any partnerships. Include contact information, fiscal agent’s name if applicable and tax ID number.

  • Applications can be submitted electronically, mailed and /or hand-delivered to GCF;
  • Successful grants will receive a maximum of $10,000;
  • GCF staff will participate in the application review process based on the focus of each grant request; and
  • Final project/grant decisions will be made by GCF within 30 days of application.

WYA Grant Types NOT Supported

  • Grants for general core programs or operations needed because of budget shortfalls and cuts;
  • Grants that directly benefit client/constituent services or the organization exclusively;
  • Grants to individuals, dinners, fundraisers, or faith-based institutions for religious purposes;
  • Grants to for-profit efforts;
  • Grants that supplant or substitute for existing funding;
  • Broad, unfocused requests; or
  • Requests that cannot be completed within 90 days or require more than $10,000 from GCF.

How to Submit Your Ambition Grant
Ambition Grants can be submitted electronically or by mail at the address below:


Mailing Address:
The Greater Clark Foundation
P.O. Box 4843
Winchester, KY 40392

The Greater Clark Foundation is a catalyst, crusader and promoter to ensure that ours is a vibrant and resilient community.  The Foundation invests its resources where it can have a fundamental impact: civic and economic vitality; educational attainment; and health, well-being, and quality of life.

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